Liability law

Specific professional groups, such as managers, attorneys, tax advisors, certified accountants and auditors, corporate consultants, physicians, and notaries often face accusations of having incurred liability for damages in the practice of their profession.

One area of focus in my legal practice is advising and representing my clients when they face these kinds of accusations.

In these cases, my activities generally begin at an early stage, with out-of-court advising services. Particularly with an eye to maintaining any insurance coverage that may exist, it is essential for the out-of-court correspondence to also be conducted by an expert.

In many cases, I am also called in by insurance companies to conduct the correspondence with claimants on behalf of their policyholders in these kinds of liability cases and represent the policyholders in proceedings concerning claims for damages.

However, my years of experience in these cases also benefit the clients who engage me to review and assert contractual and extra-contractual claims for damages against injuring parties.