Inheritance law (German and international)

I advise my clients on which of the succession arrangements possible by law will best fit their wishes and requirements. I draft wills and inheritance agreements for them, including in combination with advance directives or living wills and durable powers of attorney for health care.

Testamentary dispositions often require recording by a notary. In these cases, I work with experienced and specialized notaries in the region and beyond, and I am also happy to work with the notaries with whom my clients typically work as a matter of course.

I advise my clients on when the order of the execution of a will makes sense and on the choice of a suitable executor. I myself also work as an executor.

In case of succession, I advise my clients on the consequences of accepting the inheritance and the possibilities of refusing it, including with regard to claims to a compulsory portion of the estate.

I represent them in proceedings for issuance of a certificate of inheritance and other matters before the probate courts and in all contentious inheritance matters before the regular courts.

I advise clients from Germany who hold assets in other countries (as well as international clients with assets in Germany) with regard to the applicable inheritance law and the inheritance-law consequences arising from it, both after a succession has taken place and beforehand, on the issue of the most productive way to arrange testamentary dispositions.

Ich berate und vertrete meine Mandanten bei der Geltendmachung und I advise and represent my clients when asserting and enforcing inheritance-law claims abroad and conduct the correspondence with the local courts, government agencies, attorneys, and notaries on their behalf. In addition, I work with attorneys from elsewhere in Europe as well as throughout the Americas and conduct the correspondence with these parties so that they can successfully represent my clients in dealings with the foreign opponents, government agencies, and courts.