Insurance law

I advise and represent my clients in all areas of insurance law, from international export credit insurance to D & O insurance, third-party liability and private health insurance.

Across all insurance segments, the rate ranges and conditions for individual insurers vary widely, so it is already difficult for someone without special knowledge to obtain the insurance coverage to meet his or her needs.

I advise my clients when they are taking out these forms of insurance and explain the consequences that specific rates and conditions can have for them in the event of a claim. My advising services therefore start with assisting clients in selecting the insurer best suited to covering the client’s risks.

Once the insurance is in place, I advise my clients on how exclusions of benefits can be avoided and claims under the insurance policy can be maintained.

When an insured loss occurs, I advise my clients during correspondence with the insurer and, at the client’s request, also conduct this correspondence to ensure that all obligations that the insurer requires to be fulfilled before the insurance benefits are rendered are met.

I have years of experience in legal proceedings for and against insurers. This fact, and my specific knowledge in the areas of exclusion of benefits and obligations, help my clients to enforce legitimate claims against insurers and defend against illegitimate claims.