1969 - 1972Student of Law at the University of Bonn
1972 - 1976Legal Assistant at a lawyer’s office in Bonn specialising in business and media law
1973First State Examination in Law
1976Second State Examination in Law
1976Admission to legal practice; employment in the practice established by Attorney Dr. Horst Rottlaender in 1935. At that time the practice specialised in appeals before the Higher Regional Court in Cologne, especially in the field of contract law and state liability law.
1977Granted an exception by the President of the Higher Regional Court in Cologne (stipulations at that time required an attorney to have practiced for five years before being allowed to present cases to the Higher Regional Court).
since 1978Partner in the Practice of Dr. Rottlaender and Partners, Attorneys at the Higher Regional Court in Cologne

Working Experience

since 1972Business law, media law
since 1976Appeals before the Higher District Court, particularly in the fields of contract law, building law, inheritance law, state liability law, insurance law, protection of commercial property

Counselling private and business clients, public authorities and insurance companies in general contract and insurance law

Counselling dealers and suppliers in the automobile industry with regard to cartel law, branding law and laws pertaining to authorized dealerships
since 1992Adjunct member of the Examination Commission of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia for the Second State Examination in Law for the entire field of civil and public law
2000 to 2003Director of courses to train court interns in civil law in the Regional Court District of Cologne
since 1 Jan. 2002In the wake of a change in legal regulations, attorneys admitted to the Higher Regional Court are no longer required to refrain from representing clients in first instance civil law cases.

Subsequently, activities in an advisory capacity and in representing clients before the Higher Regional Court, Administrative and Constitutional Courts have been augmented by the representation of clients in the first instance
2003Lecturer in the programme to train attorneys seeking to specialise in insurance law
since 1 Sep. 2010Adjunct member of the joint Examination Commission of the Federal Laender of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Thuringia to determine the qualification of European lawyers seeking to be admitted to practise in a German court.

Areas of Expertise

Insurance and liability law
General and special contract law, construction/engineering law, commercial law, and corporate law
Competition law
National and international inheritance law
International civil law, European Union law, administrative and constitutional law
National and international arbitration
(arbitrator or attorney)

Professional Associations

InternationalInternational Bar Associacion, London
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris
German/Spanish Law Association
German/Latin American Law Association
German/Mexican Law Association
ICC Germany
Cologne Bar Association/German Bar Association
Working Group on Insurance Law within the German Bar Association




since 1997Lectures at Universities in Peru, Chile, Guatemala and Paraguay on the system of legal training in Germany
April 2011SICA (Secretaría General del Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana), El Salvador, on the system of export credit insurance (Seguro de créditos a la exportación)
September 2012The export credit insurance in the trade between Germany and Latin America